Hello. We are the Science||Art committee at the City of London School. We're trying to encourage students to realize that they don't have to identify themselves as 'Science' or 'Arts' students when there is so much cutting edge and exciting work taking place which encompasses both of these fields.

In October 2013 we organised a series lectures and curated an exhibition of work sourced from both the student body and professional Artists and Scientists. On this site we intend to upload and archive recordings of these talks along a variety of interviews and articles we put together. We are doing all this to try and encourage students from within our own school and those elsewhere to broaden their cultural perspective and go beyond the subjects in which they are taking exams. All our project work is entirely open to encourage exchange and collaboration around Science|Art themes. We hope to inspire others and be inspired by projects and ideas we see and hear about. It is our ambition that we can establish our event as an annual festival celebrating collaborations between art and science, especially within the school environment. All our work and archives (including the source for this website) can be found on our github repo

Still not convinced? Read this article by Rhys (one of our founding members) about why we're running this project

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